About Us - Montenegro Holiday Expert

Why Montenegro?

Why Montenegro

Because, time has drastically changed the way we go about planning and choosing our holiday or vacation destination. Some prefer the same destinations over and over, many like to explore new destinations all the time.

With so many choices today, choosing a new destination is just one of many challenges we all face! However, a growing number of regular visitors to Montenegro proves that this relatively small country has pretty much to show off with!

Opposite to common believe, Montenegro provides visitors a wealth of choices through all seasons of the year. Travellers can experience the continental mountains and/or Adriatic Sea region and easily choose from a variety of specific leisure interests.

We at Montenegro Holiday Expert passionately believe that Montenegro has a unique mixture of many interesting things to do, discover and experience!

Whether special interest travel (SPA’s & Wellness, Weddings, Medical programs), adventuring our unique nature (national parks, rivers, lakes & canyons), experiencing rich culture & history, tasting delicious local food, enjoying beautiful beaches, or just simple nightlife and party time.

Why Us?

Travel Experts

Because, as a travel company with over 17 years of experience in Montenegro, we know Montenegro inside and out! We specialise in providing professional travel services from the earliest planning stage all the way to departure day.

Our Montenegro Holiday Expert website is where it all starts. A place where newbies to the region can get inspired by our guide of the best attractions & locations in Montenegro! Where visitors can get amazed by the true wild beauty of Montenegro and easily get travel tips and advice for their next vacation or holiday!

Our visitors get the most out of their journeys and it's not just about booking a hotel, day trip or car hire.

It's all about the enthusiastic professional and efficient team that has only one goal - to satisfy the needs and requirements of every visitor and to create a wonderful & unforgettable Montenegro experience.

We provide high quality value for money with services and solutions that satisfy the most demanding needs. Responsible and sustainable fresh ideas are created by a team that are key to our success! We value creativity, innovation and integrity and we're not afraid to challenge ourselves and others.

What We Do!

Full Service

Montenegro Holiday Expert serves its visitors a guide through Montenegro, with all travel requirements and booking needs, placing the very best of Montenegro all in one place: accommodation, day trips & excursions, transfers, special interest travel and rent a car.

We are constantly improving the professionalism and knowledge of our staff in order to create more quality products and services.

We offer wide range of accommodation types – hotels and private accommodation of all categories with competitive prices. All accommodation types are carefully chosen based on locality, facilities and level of service.

The 4* and 5* stars hotels offer a wide range of spa and wellness services and business facilities, including relaxing treatments and refreshing activities that are available all year.

There is also wide range of holiday rentals and private accommodation in: apartments, rooms, villas and houses. We have a personal relationship with most hotel companies and suppliers which ensure an enthusiastic welcome and attention to our clients and their needs.

In order to provide a full service to our visitors, we also organise different group and individual day trips, sightseeing tours and excursions in Montenegro (and region) guided by licensed tourist guides.

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