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Arrival in a completely different world which Albania offers to visitors, especially in the city of Shkoder. Shkoder is town in North-Albania, 2400-years old. In this place everything begins as a legend, everything continues like in a legend. Legend about Rosafa: In its fortress walls there is the 'live-body' of a mother. The old man as an 'oracle', tells to the brothers that they must immure one of the women, to make possible the wall standing. The woman 'Rozafa' begs for letting her breast out, to feed with milk her little son. With her body, Rozafa gave birth to a child, and with her  and her self-sacrifice, she gave birth to a town. An ancient Illyrian capital, Shkoder became (168 B.C.) a Roman colony, passed to Byzantium, and was conquered by the different civilizations in the past. The city has a large bazaar and is dominated by a citadel built by the Venetians. It has a Catholic cathedral and several mosques. Nowadays, Shkoder is the industrial and cultural centre of Albania and has industries that manufacture cement, textiles, tobacco products, foodstuffs, and metal and leather goods. It is also an important fishing centre. After Shkoder tourist will have opportunity to explore the capital of the Albania – Tirana, which is situated on 2h drive from Shkoder. Tirana became Albania’s capital city in 1920. The city is host to many public institutions and public and private universities, and is the centre of the political, economic, and cultural life of the country.

History & Culture Trips
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