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Monastery Ostrog

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Monastery Ostrog description

Ortodox Monastery Ostrog is situated around 120km from Budva, close to the town Danilovgrad. Situated high in the mountains this monastery is one of the most popular pilgrim places for orthodox people, but for the other religions as well. The first impression when you see the monastery is like it is hovering in the air. The complex of the monastery Ostrog consist Upper and Lower Monastery. The Upper Monastery is the place where are situated the relics of the St Vasilije Ostroski, who was the founder of the monastery and bishop of the Zahum-Herzegovina area. It is the biggest Montenegrin sanctuary, built in 17th century. After his death story says that he had showed to a monk in a dream directing him to the place where he was buried, his completely obtained body was placed inside the monastery, and then he was proclaimed as a saint and miracle worker. This orthodox sanctuary is the most visited in the Balkans. Numerous tourists from all over the world are visiting the Ostrog Monastery individually or in groups. It is a meeting place for pilgrims of all confessions. According to the tradition a visitor shouldn't go by car to the Upper Monastery, but on bare - footed as a modest pilgrim. An old monk will welcome you and tell stories full of miracles, which took place there. Tourists can also visit overnight shelters as well as the Lower Monastery, which consist the Church of the Holy Trinity and Church of the St Stanko. In the complex of the Monastery is a spring with healthy water, so people, who have visited the place, believe in its benefit. The rich and the poor come here in order to find a cure for their soul and body. The Ostrog Monastery is a place where miracles really happen! After visiting of the Monastery tourists have free time, after which is planned lunch in the restaurant around. After lunch departure to the Budva.

History & Culture Trips
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