Grlja Canyon - Prokletije Mountains - Southern Alps

Mountains Prokletije, or the 'Southern Alps', often called, are one of the most interesting Balkan mountain ranges that characterize many features. This mountain is of particular interest to fans of mountaineering activities, re-presenting an unexplored part of the Mediterranean and probably of Europe. Its valleys are unique concentration of natural phenomena, characteristics and curiosities. 

After 2.5 km through the valley Skakavica in the village Vusanje meets Vusanjskim stream and from there through flows the spectacular canyon named Grlja, coming out of the canyon to the angrier in Ljucu named Vruja. Grlje canyon is a phenomenon in itself, a mystical piece of nature for centuries has provoked curiosity and fear. For him, there are various legends. Local residents are particularly shunned the entrance to the canyon, a large crater in which the roaring waterfall falls down and looks like the entrance to an underground world. 

The canyon Grlje is a narrow canyon notch, which river is broke through the limestone rung called Suk. In the emergence of the canyon, there is a scientific theory on which he was originally a subterranean riverbed, glacial creek that delved into this midriff. After melting of glaciers, where the riverbed has inherited Grlja, there was a ceiling collapse sinks. At two locations, there are natural bridges, which are the ceiling and testify about the former riverbed of the gulf. The canyon is 500 meters long, about 50 meters deep, a width between two and seven meters. The height difference from the entrances to the exits of the canyon is 65 meters.

Grlja Canyon, Montenegro - Map Location