Platije Canyon - River Moraca Northern Montenegro

Moraca is one of most beautiful river canyon in Montenegro which separate Moracke planine range from Sinjajevina range. It originates in northern Montenegro, under Rzača mountain. It generally flows southwards for some 113 km (70 mi), before emptying into Skadar Lake. In its northern part, the Morača is a fast mountain river, and has cut a canyon north of Podgorica. After merging with its largest tributary, Zeta, just north of Podgorica, the Morača enters the Zeta plain. It flows through this flat area of Montenegro until it empties into Skadar Lake. The Moraca River is the biggest tributary of Skadar Lake. Its source is at the height of 975 meters above sea level. 

The region in the basin of the Moraca River is featured by the steep slope of the terrain. It is intersected by deep gorges and canyons.The upper part of this river valley stretches to the entrance in the Platije Canyon, which consists of Gornja ( i.e. Upper) Moraca, at an altitude ranging between 465m and 973m, and two more expansions. The Platija Canyon is 1000 meters deep on average and the mountainous Morača’s tributaries also flow through the canyons with the banks often as high as up to 1000 meters.

Morača is Orthodox monastery taken from the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, located in the valley of the Moraca river in central Montenegro, situated to the north part of the river's canyon. It is one of the most monumental orthodox Middle Age monuments in Montenegro founded in 1252.

Platije Canyon, Montenegro - Map Location