Gastronomy In Montenegro - Culinary Delights & Cuisine

To feel the soul of Montenegro , it is necessary to try the national cuisine . Montenegrin cuisine combines the best of Mediterranean gifts and treasures from the North, from the mountains. Believing in tradition on the one hand , it is still ready to experiment with the other.

It’s very difficult to find anywhere else in Europe, within such a small area of just 13.000 sq km² such a miscellaneous and authentic menu. 

Montenegrin cuisine can be divided into:

- Mediterranean,
- Northern and
- Continental.

Montenegrins are good and generous hosts. When expecting a guest, according to an old time custom, as a sign of hospitality they open wide the door or the gate. They offer to the guest the best food and drink they have in the house, reserve for him the best place at table and do their best to make his stay in their home as comfortable as possible.

Montenegrin wine - it's the nectar of the gods of the Mediterranean , approved worldwide and loved by connoisseurs with a refined taste..


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