Cetinje, Montenegro - Old Capital Spiritual & Political Centre

Some of the most representative buildings are the Cetinje Monastery, Biljarda and King’s Nikola Palace. There are even three great relics in the town at the foot of Lovćen: the icon of Our Lady of Philermos situated in Gallery of Art, the right hand of Saint John the Baptist and the particle from the Holy Cross in Cetinje Monastery. This Monastery is for reason one of the most important religious centers. Cetinje Monastery was built in 15 century and even though the Turks destroyed it several times, the people built it up again. There are also situated relics of Saint Petar of Cetinje, one the illustrious patrons of Montenegrin history. Monastery represents the spiritual and political seat of the Montenegrin people. For the state purpose Njegos built Biljarda, a residence that took its name after the pool (billiards) that this exceptional poet, metropolitan, philosopher and statesman liked to play. Palace of the King Nikola Petrović, is the place where like time stood still and keep the story about the royal family members, their lives and dreams. Cetinje abounds in museums, as well as the Art, Musical and Theater Academy, parks and from Orlov Krs  - hill above the town is a great view of the city and the mountain of Lovcen. The streets are open theatres, created by academy students, actors, painters, musicians, a new creative trail at the traditional foundations. This is the town with the hint of enchantment.

Mountain of Lovcen rises above the coastal region and is the backdrop of the city of Kotor. This mountainous region plays an important role in the consciousness of Montenegrin people. Lovcen is a symbol of state and national identity. The peak named Jezerski vrh is where the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, one of the greatest poets, philosophers and statesmen of Montenegro, is located. Lovcen has an abundantly valuable building heritage, summer pastures and village gumnos. Right there is the conjunction of two climate zones, Mediterranean and continental, which resulted in development of wildlife with many endemic specie, there are many endemic, relic, medicinal, aromatic, honey plants.

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