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Best Religious Tours in Montenegro

Best Religious Tours Montenegro

Religious Tours & Sights in Montenegro

If you search for interesting and quality religious tours, you don’t need to go any further than Montenegro! This small country has enormous religious heritage. Some of the most significant religious sights in Europe are located here. Montenegro Holiday Expert brings brings more information about all these places. We hope it helps you choose the right religious tours & sights!

Montenegro has always been a multicultural and multi religious country. There are a huge number of religious sights on this territory and for a pretty long time. Some of them became tourist sights of great importance, visited by millions each year. It is not a coincidence, because these places deserve such level of popularity, due to the beauty, religious and historical significance and stories they tell. Beware of many legends and secrets of these Religious Tours in Montenegro!

Coastal Religious Sights in Montenegro

Religious Tours - St Tryphon Cathedral Montenegro
Boka Bay – Kotor
Even though, the coastal part of the country is famous for its summer season and all activities that the Adriatic Sea can offer, there are also very important historic and religious sights that belong to the “must see” category. The Boka Bay is a very rich religious area and the most popular one is, the Old Town Kotor which is under patronage of World Heritage Centre, UNESCO.

Within the walls of the Old Town Kotor there are several magnificent religious objects, most important of them is surely The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon. This Roman Catholic cathedral was consecrated on June 19, 1166. It was built in honor of Saint Tryphon, the patron and protector of the city, on the same site where an older church had already existed. This extraordinary monument survived two devastating earthquakes: 1667. and 1979.

Today, this formidable piece of Romanesque architecture, one of the oldest and perhaps the most beautiful monument along the Adriatic Sea showing its full magnificence. It contains a priceless collection of artifacts which wait to be seen!

Religious Tours - St Nikola Church Montenegro
Boka Bay – Kotor
When in old Town Kotor, there are two Orthodox churches which are must visit – Church of St. Nikola – most significant Orthodox Church in Kotor and Church of St. Luka – that was Catholic church until XVII century.

Religious Tours - Lady of the Rock Church Montenegro
Boka Bay – Perast
During an amazing day trip cruise through Boka Bay, one church is unavoidable! Our Lady of the Rock which is church-island near the beautiful town of Perast. It is built on artificial island in 1630 and tells heartbreaking legend about a lady who waited for her husband sailor to come back from faraway lands.

Budva and area of Budva municipality is also very rich religious territory. Don’t miss to visit monasteries Praskvica and Rezevici. Praskvica Monastery is located above the beautiful Milocer beach. It consists of the monastery proper: a large church dedicated to St. Nicholas and the monks’ quarters, and a small church honoring the Holy Trinity. Rezevici Monastery is located above a cove known as Perazica Do, between Budva and Petrovac.

Continental Religious Sights in Montenegro

Religious Tours - Beska Monastery Montenegro
Skadar Lake – Bar
If you go towards the north of Montenegro, you will visit one of the most important religious sights in Montenegro, Cetinje Monastery. It is located in Cetinje, the old capital of Montenegro and was built in 1848. It’s famous for its relics: Remains of Saint Peter the first, ruler of Montenegro in XVIII century, the Right hand of the Saint John the Baptist, Particles of the Holly Cross, Royal Regalia of Serbian Emperor Stephen Uros IV, among others.

Skadarsko Jezero National Park is famous for its 14th century island monasteries, still inhabited today by Orthodox Christian monks and nuns, and built in the times of the ancient feudal kingdom of Zeta by the powerful Southern Slav rulers (the Balšici and Crnojevići dynasties). Most important and most beautiful are two monasteries. Monastery Vranjina and Beska.

Monastery Vranjina was founded in 1233. Year, where was the base of archbishopric of former republic of Zeta, until the arrival of Turks, who had destroyed the monastery and built fortress. Monastery has been renewed in 1886 by Nikola, king of Montenegro.

Religious Tours - Ostrog Monastery Montenegro
Podgorica – Niksic

When you head from the capital city Podgorica to the second largest Montenegrin city of Niksic, in the middle of the road an unavoidable religious sight is located, the amazing Monastery Ostrog, that looks like it has been carved into the mountain and leaves you simply breathless. It is an Orthodox monastery, but vast number of tourists from all worlds’ religions is visiting it every year.

The Ostrog Monastery was founded by Vasilije, the Metropolitan Bishop of Hercegovina in the 17th century. He died there in 1671 and some years later he was glorified. His body is enshrined in a reliquary and kept in the cave tomb. Stories say that St. Vasilije healed many sick and dying people. That’s why this represents one of the most significant religious places in Balkan and Montenegro keeps it as the brightest jewel of its legacy.

Religious Tours - Moraca Monastery Montenegro
Moraca – Kolasin

If you choose to visit Tara Canyon or National Park Biogradska Gora, you cannot miss and see the beautiful Moraca Monastery, founded in year 1252. It proudly shows its architecture and frescoes of special importance. The Ottoman Empire annexed the region in the first half of the 16th century, and the Monastery was occupied and damaged, including most of the art.

Today there are several important antiques and relics such as hand of St. Haralampije, engraved crosses, baptistery made of marble and a rod, which according to a legend belonged to St. Sava.

Religious Tours - Hussein Pasa Mosque Montenegro
In the most northern city in Montenegro – Pljevlja, there is one of the most significant and most beautiful objects of Islamic culture on Balkans, Husein-Pasa’s Mosque. It was built in 1569 and it was a gift from Husein-Pasha to his city, who came back from Istanbul, where he served many high positions in the Ottoman Empire, and wanted to leave the legacy to his homeland.

View more about Monasteries & Churches or, Mosques in Montenegro. If you have any questions about religious tours & sights in Montenegro, please free to contact us.

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