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Coastal Cities & Towns of Montenegro

Coastal Montenegro

Montenegro Coastal Beauty & Inspiration

Montenegro has a relatively small coastline with 6 cities and numerous small seaside towns. Explore each area and see the variety of Montenegro coastal destinations!

Herceg Novi City

Starting from the North (Croatia’s south border) all the way down to the South (Albania’s north border), you first reach the city of Herceg Novi with a population of approximately 33,000 inhabitants, including a few small coastal towns, such as Igalo, Baošići, Đenovići, Meljine, Zelenika and Bijela.

Coastal City - Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Herceg Novi is recognised as SPA and health destination, known for healing sea mud as well as mineral water Springs, specially at nearby Igalo. There are no sandy beaches in the city vicinity but, you can visit amazing nearby beaches reachable by boat, such as Zanjice, Miriste and Rose. There are lots of beautiful hotels such as Palmon Bay, Perla, Club Rivijera and Institut Igalo, as well as numerous holiday villas and apartments e.g. Natalie, Del Mar, Mohom and many others.

Kotor City

Going further south, you reach the small towns of Risan and Perast, which are under municipality of the city Kotor. Risan is the oldest city of the Boka Bay area with origins from the III century BC, ruled by famous Illyrian queen Teuta. Perast is situated 12 km northwest of Kotor and is noted for its proximity to the islets of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. This is an amazing and hypnotising place which tells the story of ancient sea battles, aristocratic families, many churches and defensive towers, built by the navy of the Venetian Republic in the XV and XVI century. Beautiful hotel Per Astra can be your host in this baroque place.

Kotor is located in a recluse part of Boka Kotorska Bay and has population of around 23000 inhabitants, all together with surrounding small cities and places such as Muo, Prcanj, Stoliv, Orahovac, Ljuta, Risan and Perast.

Coastal City - Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is one of the best kept medieval old towns in the Adriatic region and it is under the patronage of UNESCO world heritage. Kotor is home to numerous sights, such as the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon in the old town (built in 1166), and the ancient city walls stretching for 4.5 km. During last few years, Kotor has become unavoidable destination for cruise ships, which brings more than 200 000 tourists every season. Numerous hotels and private accommodations are ready to welcome you in Kotor. Just to name a few, Amazing 5-star Forza Mare, Palazzo Radomiri, Vardar, Marija, Amfora, Astoria, Splendido and many others.

Tivat City

Tivat is the youngest town in Boka Kotorska Bay area and it has already become the most significant nautical tourism center in southern Adriatic.

Coastal City - Tivat, Montenegro
Tivat, Montenegro

Modern and attractive, it represents a magnet for tourists from all around the world. The most popular places in Tivat are the modern complex Porto Montenegro with its 5-star hotel Regent and, Island Saint Marko or Island of flowers. Nearby beach Plavi Horizonti (Blue Horizons) is amazing and very popular beach. Accommodation such as Hotel Palma, Pine, Galathea and Kamelija are most visited in Tivat. This is the only coastal city in Montenegro which has an international airport.

Budva City

The coastal road further south leads to the city Budva, the center of Montenegrin tourism. Thanks to the great number of beaches that make this the most attractive tourist destination in Montenegro.

Coastal City - Budva, Montenegro
Budva, Montenegro

Budva is rich in historical monuments as well. The old town lies on a small peninsula and is a treasury of cultural heritage. The Budva coast is 21 km long with 17 beaches. It is among the most beautiful coasts in the world and its beauty will not leave you indifferent. The Municipality includes the neighboring towns of Bečići, Rafailovici and Petrovac and has a population of approximately 20 000 inhabitants. You can find anything you want in Budva, from discotheques, night clubs, beautiful restaurants and cafes. All kinds of water sports and many other activities are available. Most popular beaches in the city are Slovenska Plaza, Ricardova glava and Mogren. Beautiful beaches Jaz and Trsteno are located 6 km from Budva and are very popular because of its fine sand and amazing nature. Hotels Avala, Mogren, Budva and Slovenska Plaza are located in the downtown of Budva and offer closeness to each attraction and beach in the very city, as well as large number or private accommodation such as Ivana House, Villa Vukica, Villa Pima or House Bastrica. Becici and Rafailovici are small towns which belong to the Budva Municipality.

These smaller coastal places attract tourist with their beautiful sandy beaches and lots of beach bars and restaurants. Becici is also famous for its amazing hotels-resorts, such as 5-star Hotel & SPA Splendid, Iberostar, Mediteran, Tara and Queen of Montenegro. Renting villas & holiday apartments are also very popular for tourists. For example Europa 1 and Europa lux, Blue Palace and Stella di Mare.

Sveti Stefan Town

Sveti Stefan, a town & hotel located on an island, connected to the mainland with a sandbar. Sandy isthmus connects the coastline and the island dividing two amazing sandy beaches.

Coastal Town - Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

This is now an exclusive resort, built long ago by traders and fishermen in the XV century. In 1960 it becomes an island-hotel, recognised to be a tourist attraction as well. Sveti Stefan was visited by many celebrities such as: Sofia Loren, Bobbi Fisher, Sylvester Stallone, Claudia Schiffer, Novak Djokovic and many others. In the surroundings of the island there are many beautiful hotels such as Azimut, Romanov and Maestral as well as private villas with astonishing sea views.

Petrovac Town

Petrovac is another small coastal town that belongs to the Budva municipality. It is located 18 km from Budva and it has a reputation of a quiet place with nice hotels and beautiful sandy beaches. Hotels; Palas, Ville Oliva and Monte Casa are most popular in Perovac, as well as private villas Srzentic and V-Lux.

Coastal Town - Petrovac, Montenegro
Petrovac, Montenegro

The next town down the coastline is Sutomore. It belongs to the municipality of Bar and it is famous for its amazing beaches, coastal restaurants and cafes. New Hotel Sato and Hotel Korali are largest hotels in Sutomore, and there are numerous private accommodation which attract people with incredible sea view.

Bar City

Bar is a city and seaport in the southern part of the coastline with rich cultural and architectural heritage. It’s population is around 40000 inhabitants with small coastal towns and places; Susanj, Sutomore, Canj, Dobra Voda and Utjeha.

Coastal City - Bar, Montenegro
Bar, Montenegro

Although there are few nice pebble beaches in the city, tourists prefer nearby locations with sandy beaches; Dobra Voda, Utjeha and Sutomore. Hotels Windrose and Princess will offer you high quality accommodation. Old City “Stari Bar” is a must-see sight wit cobbled paths, old settlements and restaurants that will bring you back in time. One of the main attractions is one of the oldest olive trees in the world, more than 2000 years old.

Ulcinj City

At Ulcinj you arrive at the most southern point in Montenegro. This coastal city is one of the oldest settlements in the Adriatic coast, founded in 5th century BC.

Coastal City - Ulcinj, Montenegro
Ulcinj, Montenegro

The population of Ulcinj is around 11000 inhabitants. It is real paradise for tourists who prefer open sea and long sandy beaches. The main beach in the city is 12,5km Long. There is also Ada Bojana Island, a place where river Bojana meets the sea, with an amazing sandy beach partially occupied by nudists. A perfect place for relaxation far from crowds and busy lifestyles. Most popular hotels in this area are Mediteran resort, Otrant, Laguna and Ada Bojana as well as other holiday accommodation such as Eneida and Holiday apartments.

Those seeking the Mediterranean climate, nature, culture, beaches & delicious food will enjoy coastal Montenegro! Please share this with your friends & family!

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