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Continental Cities & Towns of Montenegro

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Montenegro Continental Cities & Towns

While travelling through Montenegro during the summer season you may experience some more traffic, high temperatures and crowded places? So, if you consider some of these tips, you will not regret it. Simply consider a day away from the heat for a calm and relaxing day in the refreshing nature by visiting any of the continental cities & towns in Montenegro.

All these places are relatively close to most parts of the coast. When you go towards the continental part of Montenegro, you will be welcomed by amazing national parks, rivers, lakes, idyllic small cities as well as quit mountain towns which will show you a totally new side of Montenegro’s nature.

Cetinje – Historical Old Capital City

Continental City - Cetinje, Montenegro
Cetinje, Montenegro

Let’s first head to Cetinje, the old royal capital of Montenegro with population of around 14000 inhabitants. Whether you start from Budva or from Boka Bay, we suggest the road that leads across the mountain Lovcen and it’s so called Serpentine road because of it’s winding structure and beautiful views. During the ride of this road you will enjoy an incredible breathtaking sights of Boka Bay. Before reaching the city of Cetinje, you will enter the National Park Lovcen and village Njegusi. Njegusi is a place where historic rulers of Montenegro from the Petrovic-Njegos dynasty were born. There you will experience amazing hospitality of locals and taste national food and drinks that Montenegro are famous for smoked ham & domestic cheese, wine made from honey and strong domestic brandy made of grapes. Than, underneath the mountain Lovcen, lies small old capital from xv century. This continental part represents the heart of Montenegrin history; Kings Palace, Residence of President of Montenegro, old embacies, museums, monasteries, and many other places that not only history lovers will enjoy.

Podgorica – Today’s Modern Capital City

Continental City - Podgorica, Montenegro
Podgorica, Montenegro

Further road leads to the capital and with its 190000 inhabitants, Podgorica, the largest city of Montenegro. Podgorica is main administrative and bussines center of the country. In the period of last decade, Podgorica became modern European capital, with preserved historical and cultural heritage. More and more tourists are heading to Podgorica, which represents a connecting point between south and north of the country. City is built on two sides of beautiful river Moraca and not accidentaly carries the nickname ‘The city of bridges’. Name of the city can be translated Under the hill, because above the city there is a hill Gorica, which is famous for its walking paths and suitability for picnics in the beautiful nature. There are other places where you can refresh yourself and escape from Podgorica’s hot summer air, such as small river Cijevna, few kilometers from the city, suitable for swiming, sunbathing and enjoying in some of the surrounding beautiful restaurants. Podgorica is also city of beutiful hotels, such as Ziya, Ramada or hotel City, and from this automn, a wonderful hotel Hilton in the very heart of the city is joining to enrich the offer. 10km from Podgorica there is one of two international airports in the country.

From the capital city Podgorica, there are two main roads further towards the north of the country. One is leading to citiy Niksic and Town Zabljak. The nother to Kolasin and Mojkovac, both beautiful ski centers during winter and beautiful national parks during Spring, Autumn and Summer.

Zabljak Town

Continental Town Zabljak, Montenegro
Zabljak, Montenegro

Further towards the north, you will hit the road to amazing small mountain town Zabljak with only 4500 ingabitants. With an altitude of 1,456 meters, it is the highest town in the Balkans. It lies on the hillside of astonishing mountain Durmitor and represents the most important ski-center in the country. Amazing landscapes, sceneries and breathtaking nature are everywhere around Zabljak. 2.5 km from the city there is a Black Lake, a miracle of nature, made of melted glaciers which glided down the mountain Durmitor for centuries and formed this unreal pearl of nature. The name Black Lake is because of the woods of black pine trees that surround the lake and create black reflection in the water. Mount Durmitor is famous for many other small lakes that are called ‘The eyes of the mountain’ because of their crystal clean water.

Its territory belongs to the National Park Durmitor and it is under the patronage of UNESCO world heritage because of its untouched wild beauty. Part of this national park is also an amazing river Tara, which forms the deepest canyon in Europe and second deepest in the world, after the Colorado River canyon. If you are fans of adrenalin, there are organized rafting down the fast river and canyoning through the deep of Tara canyon that we already wrote about in previous news All Season Montenegro. There are several beautiful hotels that offer you accommodation in Zabljak – Hotel Soa, Hotel Zabljak and Hotel Ski.

Kolasin Town

Continental Town Kolasin, Montenegro
Kolasin, Montenegro

If you take the another road from Podgorica, 72km further, through the amazing canyon of river Moraca, you will arrive to the small mountain town of Kolasin, placed on the foot of beautiful mount Bjelasica with population of 8500 inhabitants. It belongs to the National Park Biogradska Gora, and because of its altitude of 954m, represents an air spa and it is considered as a top tourist destination in continental Montenegro. Fresh and healthy mountain air will make you feel strong and fit and you will enjoy every minute spent on this fantastic territory. In summer period, there are lots of activities to take, such as hiking, cycling, long-distance walking through the landscapes unspoiled by smoke and other pollutions. The National Park is 54 km² in area famous for its untouched forest, large mountain tops over 2,000 meters high, six glacial lakes, of which five are at an altitude of 1,820 meters and one easy accessible low lake located at the very entrance to the park – Biogradsko Lake, surrounded by highly preserved virgin forest. In the centre of town Kolasin there is a beautiful mount-resort & spa hotel Bianca, which offers an amazing treatments processed by professional therapist from Philippines. Nearby is another also popular 4 star hotel with mountain-look design – Lipka. These hotels are located 9 km away from ski-center Kolasin which welcomes a large number of visitors every winter and offers lots of activities on snow.

23km from Kolasin, there is another beautiful mountain town – Mojkovac, which lies between two mountains – Bjelasica and Sinjajevina, on the west bank of river Tara. Today, it is home to around 5000 inhabitants and small quiet place great to visit and enjoy the mount-river nature and rural tourism.

Many people consider Montenegro a typical summer & sea destination. But, the continental part of Montenegro also has very interesting cities & towns, all surrounded by beautiful nature sights, national parks, activities and much to–see and to-do just as well! Please share this information with friends and family.

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Montenegro is meanwhile a known summer holiday destination! Nevertheless, the nearby continental parts are just as interesting!

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