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Europe’s Emerging Holiday Hotspot

Emerging Holiday Hotspot Montenegro
Europe’s Emerging Holiday Hotspot

Emerging Holiday Hotspot Montenegro

The small nation of Montenegro is one of Europe’s youngest countries and indeed an emerging holiday hotspot! Montenegro is attracting the attention of many holidaymakers, including winter sport, beach lovers and serious high rollers.

Developers are building golf resorts, marinas, residential and hotel resorts aimed at a sophisticated international audience who are attracted to the natural beauty and easy accessibility from Europe or other continents all year round!

Montenegro, dubbed the Pearl of the Mediterranean, lies south of Croatia and north of Albania. It is small in size – just 5,333 square miles with a population of 650,000 – but big on beauty with mountains, canyons and stone Venetian architecture. Inland there are five National Parks, ski resorts and the Balkans largest lake and deepest canyon but it is the slim and rocky 183-mile Adriatic coastline and in particular the waters of UNESCO Heritage Site Kotor Bay, that is attracting most international attention.

Back in the 1960’s, the region was something of a celebrity hangout, popular with stars including Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor but, the Balkan Conflict of the 1990’s put a near stop to that. After years of destruction, modern Montenegro was created in 2006 from part of the former Yugoslavia & Serbia. Today, Montenegro is a country which uses the Euro as its currency and has applied to join NATO and the EU.

Every emerging holiday hotspot has its highlights and Montenegro has quite a few! It has taken measures and steps to become more than just another typical summer vacation destination. Most Mediterranean countries offer their hospitality during the main summer season or, during shoulder seasons with a milder climate. Montenegro is also an emerging holiday hotspot regardless if winter or summer.

All year happenings, a handful of national parks, festivals, concerts as well as international conferences and meetings take place in the continental and coastal part of Montenegro. Take a closer look at our Montenegro guide to learn the diversity of this emerging holiday hotspot.

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